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6 Things In Your Home You Should Be Washing Weekly

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Have you ever noticed a foul smell coming from your laundry and said to yourself, “I should probably wash this soon!” Many people wash clothes as a part of their weekly laundry routine. But what about other household items? Oftentimes, household items may only get washed when they start getting noticeably smelly. We’re here to help you get ahead of your laundry game.

Here are some of the items you should be washing on a weekly basis.

1. Towels

Towels are moist environments that can accumulate dirt and grime over time. Be sure to properly air dry your towels between uses, and wash them at least once a week.

2. Bathroom mat

Bathroom mats regularly make contact with one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies - our feet! They also absorb moisture after we shower or bathe. This makes bathroom mats something you’ll want to wash as regularly as your towels.

3. Pillowcases

Our faces and hair touch our pillowcases on a daily basis. That means dead skin cells, oils, makeup, lotions, and sweat are being absorbed and transferred back and forth. Wash your pillowcases weekly to help keep them clean.

4. Bedsheets

Our bodies are always shedding dead skin cells, even while we sleep. These dead skin cells accumulate on our bed sheets along with our bodies natural oils. Rest easy by washing once a week.

5. Reusable shopping bags

Bringing your own shopping bag is a great way to keep the planet clean. But sometimes food can transfer dirt to the shopping bag depending on the material. You should be washing your grocery bags about once a week in order to keep them clean from any dirt or grime they may pick up from food packaging. Again, different materials of shopping bags will have different cleaning instructions so be sure to follow wash instructions.

6. Dish cloths

Dish cloths pick up the leftovers while you’re in the middle of cooking and they clean up the messes once the meal is done. Dish cloths are a magnet for stains and dirt, so throw them in the load with your other towels at least once a week, or whenever dirty.

To practice good hygiene in your home, incorporate these items into your weekly routine.