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7 Tips For Maintaining a Hygienic Household

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Maintaining a clean home can seem like a full-time job and be overwhelming at times. From the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the kitchen and all the crevices in between, there’s a lot to take care of. Luckily, there’s no need to fret. Follow these 7 tips for maintaining a hygienic household, put those gloves on, and get ready for the clean home of your dreams!

1. Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Say goodbye to unwanted sneezing and coughing due to lingering dust in your home. To reduce dust, we recommend vacuuming and mopping at least 2 times a week and wiping down ceiling fans and blinds where dust tends to collect. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even vacuum or wipe down your couch and other furnishings to keep them in pristine condition.

2. Maintain a Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms can get dirty easily, so it’s key to give this part of your home some extra attention. Major hot spots to give some tender loving care to include your shower, under the toilet lid and frequently touched taps and handles. Making sure these areas have been disinfected properly is crucial and will help you maintain a clean home.

3. Wash Towels and Bed Sheets

This one might seem obvious but when life gets hectic, it’s easy to skip over these chores. Washing bed sheets will not only improve the cleanliness of your home but we promise it will spark joy when you hop into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets. Washing towels once per week is recommended. One easy way to keep things clean is to assign everyone their own towel in the bathroom.

4. Change Air Filters

Changing your air filters once a month helps with proper ventilation and improves airflow throughout your home. It can also help to curb indoor air pollution and mold growth.

Pro-Tip: make sure you double check the size of the air filter needed before buying from the store or online.

5. Wipe Down Surfaces

Some surfaces in our homes see more traffic than others, like kitchen counters and bathroom sinks, so it’s essential that they get a regular cleaning. You can use your favorite home cleaner to give these spots a quick rub down to ensure cleanliness is maintained. Don’t forget to wipe down other frequently touched items like your laptop, phone and doorknobs.

6. Maintain Hygienic Kitchen Practices

The kitchen is extremely important to keep clean because this is where your family creates their meals. Some tips to maintain a hygienic kitchen include wiping down surfaces on a regular basis and keeping your sink fresh and clean. One area that you may be missing are cabinet doors that you frequently open and close. While most of us do a simple counter wipe down, we forget about those cabinet doors we most frequently touch when making meals. Give them some extra love with a wipe down.

7. Keep Patio and Veranda Clean

Even though this part of your home is outside, it’s helpful to keep this area clean to prevent germs and dust from being tracked into your home. Make sure you are sweeping and wiping down patio furniture on a regular basis to get rid of dust build up (especially if you live in a windy city). Also put aside some time to remove cobwebs from corners so your patio doesn’t start to look like a haunted house.

By following these helpful guidelines we have the confidence in you to maintain your busy home and are sending clean vibes your way! Happy cleaning!