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How Often Should I Wash This? Guide to Cleaning and Washing Your Household Items

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This article brings us to the age old question, “Should I have washed that last week?” Sometimes it’s hard to know how often certain household areas and items need to be cleaned. You might be waiting too long or even overdoing it. We’re here to solve this mystery and help you maintain the perfect cleaning and washing cadence.


Many homeowners tend to overlook baseboards and don’t see them as a priority when cleaning. However this is where a lot of dust and dirt can build up. Give them a good wash to really make a difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. It’s recommended that you clean them once a month. This can easily be accomplished with the vacuum brush attachment and a sponge.


Since this is an item in your home that gets used on the regular, it’s important that it’s being lightly cleaned just about every day. However, a deep cleaning once a week is also recommended to maintain cleanliness.


You might not know it but during the night your body exudes oils and sweat that can create damp sheets. If the sheet gets too wet/dirty they can become prone to stains and collect dirt (no fun there). That’s why it’s so important to wash your sheets once per week so you can fall asleep peacefully knowing that your bed is as clean as can be!


We recommend giving those floors a good cleaning every one to two weeks. Dirt and grime can be dragged into the house through shoes and other items traveling in and out, so it’s an important chore to maintain. Kitchen floors tend to get messier than other areas in the house so giving them extra love a few times a week can’t hurt either.


We know that the inside of our fridge can get messier than we like so it’s important to wipe down surfaces when a spill or leak happens immediately. However for a fridge deep clean, every 3 months should do the trick. Make sure to take the drawers out so you can get those hard to reach places!


This surface might go unnoticed for a while because well... It’s your walls and who really pays attention to those? However, every year you should set some time aside and wipe them down to remove dirt and grime.

Bath Towels

Contrary to popular belief, bath towels don’t wash themselves and need some TLC every three to four uses. For a powerful and convenient clean, drop in one Persil® ProClean® Disc™ for a small or medium load and two discs for larger loads.


Dishwashers are self-cleaning, right? Wrong! Dishwashers can sometimes hold onto gunk and grime so it’s essential to make sure it’s getting specially cleaned once a month.