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How to get chocolate out of clothes: A guide to removing stubborn stains

Chocolate lovers know there’s nothing quite as comforting as the taste of a nice chunk of chocolate, or a slice of chocolate cake, or a tub of chocolate ice cream for that matter. And while no chocolate-lover would ever intentionally waste their favorite treat by spilling it on their clothing, it does occasionally end up there. Chocolate is notoriously difficult to remove, in part because it’s a stain that’s both protein-based and oil-based. With the right method, however, it is possible to remove chocolate stains from clothes. Find out how below.

A woman enjoying a treat of chocolate spread from a jar. Description: Enjoy your favorite treat without having to worry about how to remove chocolate stains from your clothes afterwards.

The best way to remove chocolate stains

The most important part of treating chocolate stains is to make sure to always use cold water. Warm or hot water will end up setting the protein-based stain.

So, do you have a chocolate stain that needs treating? Follow these steps:

  1. Gently scrape off any excess chocolate. If possible, freeze your garment for around 30 minutes to get the chocolate a bit harder, which makes it easier to scrape off. Only do this for non-delicate garments, as this may damage the fibers of delicate fabrics.
  2. Flip the garment inside out and rinse the back of the stain using cold water.
  3. Pre-treat the stain with Persil® Proclean® liquid laundry detergent and let it sit for about five minutes. The enzymes in the detergent will start breaking the stain down.
  4. Soak the garment in cold water for 10-15 minutes, gently rubbing the stain every few minutes until it has gone.
  5. Rinse the stain thoroughly using cold water.
  6. Wash according to care instructions, making sure to use cold water.
  7. Air-dry the clothing. Check the stain to make sure it has gone. If not, repeat the process.

How to remove chocolate milk stains

If you have children that love chocolate milk as part of their afternoon snack, chocolate milk stains can be especially bothersome. Not only are they difficult to get out, milk stains also end up smelling a bit. Luckily, chocolate milk stains, even ones that have dried, can be removed using a similar method of blotting any excess, rinsing, pre-treating, soaking, rinsing again, and then washing according to the care instructions. Air-dry and check to make sure the stain is gone. If not, repeat the treatment process. Again, remember to use cold water when you remove chocolate milk stains.

What about removing stains from delicate fabrics?

As for delicate fabrics, make sure to do a spot test on an inconspicuous part of the garment before treating the stain. If the fabric is not colorfast or the fibers are very delicate, bring the garment to have it professionally cleaned.