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How to Load a Washing Machine

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How to load a washing machine the right way

Knowing how to work with your washing machine makes doing laundry so much easier! You can only get the best results if you load your washing machine the right way and complete a few simple steps before every wash cycle. To ensure you get the most out of your washing machine, as well as your laundry detergent, follow these tips and you’ll be a laundry pro in no time.

Steps before you even begin loading a washing machine

Once you’ve understood how to separate your laundry into different colors and fabric types, there are several other important things to do before you load your washing machine or press any buttons.

  • Check the pockets of all your clothes. Items like money, tissues, phones, and keys are often left in pockets and, apart from being bad for electrical items, can damage, rip, and tear other items of clothing.
  • Make sure all zippers are fastened. Also, unroll any cuffs on shirts or jeans. Furthermore, it’s best to turn jeans inside out to prevent fading and to unbutton any buttons on shirts.
  • Read the care symbols on the tag of each item of clothing to be sure that it’s safe for the washing machine. Items like silk and wool need a particular wash cycle and can’t be washed at the same temperature as denim or cotton, for example.
  • Ensure you have enough ProClean® liquid detergent left and the right type for you and your family’s needs. Keep in mind that ProClean® Discs™ are also available if you need to do laundry quickly and without measuring.

How to fill a washing machine

One of the biggest problems when it comes to how to load washing machines is actually overloading. Trying to cram in as many items as possible might seem like it’ll save you time, but it’s actually better to do two separate washes. You need to leave enough room in the washing machine for the water and detergent to be distributed evenly and dissolved correctly. A rule of thumb is that it’s best to not fill the washing machine more than three-quarters full. It’s also necessary to use the right amount of detergent, as more detergent doesn’t always equal cleaner clothes. In fact, regularly using too much detergent may even clog up your machine in the long run!

If you’re loading a washing machine too full, the laundry is more likely to come out with wrinkles, detergent marks and even the stains still present because there wasn’t enough room for the water to properly wash the items. Always try to wait until you have a full load – but remember, not too full – before you start your washing machine in order to avoid wasting water and electricity. As always, one of the best tips on how to load a washing machine efficiently is to choose the correct wash cycle for your laundry and to make note of the manufacturer’s recommendations.