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How to remove gum

People of all ages love chewing gum, but what they don’t love is getting it stuck on their clothing! When trying to throw chewing gum in the garbage, it sometimes ends up on the carpet, in hair, or even on a T-shirt or pair of jeans. No matter how it happens, it’s important to get rid of it before any major stains can set in. Learn how to remove gum stains from clothes quickly and easily. To get rid of this type of stain, follow the steps below.

A glass of red wine spilled onto a button-up shirt.

How to remove tomato stains from clothes: Step-by-step 

  1. Freezing the gum is usually the best method to remove gum. You can do this by putting the garment in a plastic bag and then placing this in the freezer for around 30 minutes. You can also rub a few ice cubes on the gum directly. The goal is to harden the gum by completely freezing it.
  2. Next, use a blunt knife, such as a butter knife, to gently lift up and scrape away the gum. You might read other ways on how to remove gum, but making it frozen is the simplest and most effective way. Don’t try to remove the gum when it’s sticky and loose, as this can make things worse!
  3. Once the gum has been removed from the garment, it’s possible that’s some residue remains, especially if it was colored gum, as they often contain food dye. You’ll want to remove gum stains from clothes for good by using a stain removing detergent like Persil® ProClean Stain Fighter directly on the affected area and rubbing lightly with an old toothbrush.
  4. Finally, simply wash the garment as you normally would according to the care symbols
  5. It’s important to check that the stain is completely gone before placing the garment in the dryer or hanging it on a clothesline. If the stain is still present, follow the above tips again on how to remove chewing gum.

How to remove gum stains from delicate fabrics

Be careful when you’re getting rid of gum on certain fabric types. To remove gum from delicate items of clothing, such as wool or silk, freezing is still the best method. However, it may be better to use tweezers instead of a butter knife to remove gum pieces around delicate embroidery to avoid damaging it or tugging on the threads. When it comes to washing, ensure that you check to see if the item is hand-wash only or if it needs to be sent to the dry cleaner.

Chewing gum has a tendency to get everywhere, especially when you have kids, but you’ll find that to remove gum stains from clothes isn’t as hard as you think when you have the right products and advice.