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Laundry Games For At Home Family Fun

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Who says doing laundry can’t be fun? Try one of these simple, at-home, family friendly games to add an extra spark to your laundry day.

  1. Fastest Folder - Break out your freshly cleaned towels and break your family into two groups. The team to fold their stack of towels the fastest, wins! Choose a drool-worthy prize to inspire some good ol’ fashioned friendly competition.
  2. Laundry Basketball - Ball up as many socks as you can find from your sock drawer. Set down a laundry basket or bin 4 - 7 feet away from you. For an extra challenge, push the landing basket even further away. Then, grab your “sock balls” and start shooting them at the laundry basket. The first player to reach 12 “baskets” wins!
  3. Laundry Lessons - If you have little ones, invite them to say the color of each piece of clothing as you add it to your laundry basket. You can also invite them to count each piece of clothing with you to see how high they can count. Be sure to have a special prize or treat for them after they complete this activity.
  4. Laundry Dash - Give each family member a pile of clothes with the same number of clothes in it. Then, let the games begin! The first family member to fold and put away their whole laundry pile gets a special prize.
  5. Laundry Photoshoot - Have a fun family laundry photoshoot! Take turns being the “photographer” and snap photos that capture laundry day fun at home.

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