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Intense Fresh® Scent | Liquid

Liquid detergent with a fresh scent

Use Persil® Intense Fresh® for clean, bright, and fresh laundry

Tough stains and bad smells don't stand a chance when you use the powerful Persil® ProClean® Intense Fresh®. Your clothes will come out looking dazzling clean and smelling vibrantly fresh after every wash. With Deep Clean technology to help fight against stains and odors, Intense Fresh® works brilliantly in any type of washing machine and even in cold water. Experience a fresh laundry detergent like never before from a brand you can trust.

Available sizes for Persil® Intense Fresh®:

  • 40 fl oz (25 loads)
  • 50 fl oz (32 loads)
  • 75 fl oz (48 loads)
  • 100 fl oz (64 loads)
  • 150 fl oz (96 loads)
  • 225 fl oz (146 loads)

Great for everyday laundry duties, Intense Fresh® gives your clothes an extra fresh scent.

Combat bad odors head on

Persil® ProClean® Intense Fresh® is made to brighten and whiten clothing, while giving them that extra freshness. This detergent gives your clothes a beautifully clean and natural odor, without being overwhelming or perfume-heavy.

Embrace the 10 Dimensions of Clean

Just like all the other types of detergent in our ProClean® range, including the popular Persil® Original and our laundry detergent for sensitive skin, Persil® Intense Fresh® removes stubborn stains and bad odors with the help of Deep Clean technology. The detergent is designed to clean in any water temperature and washing machine type, provide long-lasting freshness, and so much more. Thanks to Deep Clean, you give your clothes the care and cleanliness they deserve with just one detergent. You'll soon discover that you're getting a fresh scent laundry detergent that doesn't shy away from a tough fight with stains!

Product ingredients:

water, alcohol ethoxy sulfate, alcohol ethoxylate, alkylbenzene sulfonate, sodium citrate, sodium soap, ethoxylated polyethyleneimine, propylene glycol, protease, tetrasodium edta, sodium borate, ethanol, fragrance, amylase, sodium formate, cellulase, mannanase, disodium distyryl biphenyl disulfonate, polydimethylsiloxane, blue dye, lilial, hexylcinnamaldehyde, linalool


Deep Clean formula goes deep to fight stubborn stain.


Leaves a clean, fresh smell without being overwhelming or perfumey.


Works in all washer types, including high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.


Cleans effectively in all water temperatures (including cold).

Your washing load will need a different amount of detergent depending on several various factors, including which type of formula is being used, the size of your load, and the wash cycle you've chosen. Thankfully, the answers to these questions can be found on our helpful page on how to use laundry detergent.


Regular loads:

When you select a Persil® laundry detergent like Intense Fresh®, it's recommended to use 1.56 fl. oz. (46ml) with regular loads.


Large and heavily soiled loads:

2.5 fl. oz. (73.5ml) for large or heavily soiled loads.


Tough stains:

For really tough stains, it's best to apply some Intense Fresh® detergent onto the stain directly before washing and then rub it into the fabric.

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