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Original Scent Discs™

Our Original Scent detergent in disc form

​The simplest way to perfect laundry

Persil® ProClean® Discs™ Original Scent give you the immense cleaning power of our classic Persil® Original detergent in the form of pre-measured disc-shaped capsules. Convenient, simple, and tough on stains and bad odors, these capsules are formulated with Deep Clean technology. Discs™ leave your laundry looking fresh and clean by combining this deep cleaning formula with our brightness formula.

When you use Persil® ProClean® Discs™ as your laundry detergent, you can rest assured that they will work brilliantly in all water temperatures, with whites or colors, and function perfectly in every type of washing machine. For everyday laundry, and to get rid of stains and odors with ease, use Original Scent Discs™ and make your clothes sparkling clean. We want the task of doing laundry to be as simple and fast as possible. Make sure tough stains and odors don't stand a chance with our capsules.

Available sizes for Persil® Discs™:

  • 16 loads
  • 20 loads
  • 40 loads
  • 62 loads

Get your laundry finished quicker

With these pre-measured Persil® laundry discs in Original Scent, there's no fuss with pouring liquid into bottle caps or wondering how much you're supposed to use. All you have to do is place the capsule inside the washing machine drum and throw in your laundry on top – it really couldn’t be any easier or quicker. Original Scent Discs™ offer much more than convenience, however: each disc is formulated with Deep Clean technology, designed to give white and colors a powerful clean in any water temperature.

The benefits of using Persil® laundry detergent discs

  • No need for any liquid measuring and will function perfectly in all water temperatures
  • Works great in all types of washing machines, including front-loading, top-loading, and high-efficiency
  • Simply throw the Disc™ into the washing machine drum and then add the laundry on top
  • Also comes in Persil® Stain Fighter Discs™ designed to fight even tougher stains
  • Deep Clean technology designed to tackle heavy stains and bad odors

Product ingredients:

alcohol ethoxylate, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, glycerine, fatty acid salts, water, propylene glycol, ethoxylated polyethyleneimine, polyvinyl alcohol film, ethanol, nonionic polyester polymer, disodium distyryl biphenyl disulfonate, protease, amylase, mannanase, cellulase, denatonium benzoate, fragrance, dyes, lilial, citronellol, hexylcinnamaldehyde, linalool


Deep Clean formula goes deep to fight stubborn stains


Combines Persil® detergent and our brightness formula for a premium clean.


Works with all machine types, including High Efficiency (HE) washers.


Formulated to dissolve in all water temperatures.

Regular loads:

When you're washing small to medium loads, use 1 detergent capsule.

Large loads:

For large loads, it's recommended to use 2 Persil® detergent discs for the best results.

Extremely large loads:

And for extremely large loads of laundry, use 3 capsules.

To make sure you and your family use our products safely, make sure to follow these instructions:


Store the container of Persil® ProClean® OXI Power Discs where children cannot reach or climb to it, out of sight, and in a secure place.


Keep the container fully closed. Never leave any Discs out of the container.


Keep away from eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


Do not ingest. If product is ingested, seek medical advice.


Do not handle the Discs™ with wet or moist hands. Do not expose the Discs™ to moisture.


Do not cut or puncture the Discs™. If Discs™ stick together, do not try to separate them.

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