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Bosch - The number 1 for household appliances in Europe:

For 75 years, the Bosch brand has stood for development competence, technical quality, and reliability in household appliances. Modern laundry care would be unthinkable without Bosch. With over 1,000 patents in the field of washing and drying, Bosch is the leader in invention. All technical innovations developed by Bosch always pursue one goal: as thoroughly as necessary, as energy-saving as possible. In this way, Bosch ensures perfection in washing.

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Innovations from Siemens

A wealth of experience and innovation make Persil® and Siemens the perfect team for your laundry.

A household works best with appliances that combine high technical quality with innovative functions and low consumption. You'll find all this for your laundry with the best from Siemens. For example, the first washing machine that knows how to remove stains. The outdoor/impregnation program washes and impregnates your functional textiles at the same time, the varioSoft drum ensures particularly gentle cleaning and the noise insulation ensures extremely quiet appliance operation. And the very best: the world's first dryer that keeps energy consumption low throughout its life by automatically self-cleaning the condenser.

A world first: The Siemens anti-stain system

Grass, tomato, red wine - not all stains are the same. Thanks to the innovative Siemens stain removal system, every stain receives the right treatment. The latest Siemens technology controls the intelligent program sequences and drum movements of the various stain options. Depending on the requirements, the laundry is washed gently or intensively. The unique varioSoft drum structure supports stain removal just as actively as the specially shaped asymmetrical driver. Stains are thus removed easily and without the need for additional special detergents. New: Now you can use the stain removal system in all standard programmes and in all special programmes (except super15 and wool/handwash).

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