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How to wash polo shirts: step-by-step instructions

Step 01: Understandably, you don’t want your polo shirt to lose its shape or color after being washed and dried, especially if it’s made from 100% cotton. When it comes time to know how to wash a polo shirt, the first step is to ensure that it is sorted with the right laundry pile. White and colored garments are best washed separately as the dyes from the colored clothing can sometimes make the whites turn an unusual tone! Learn more here about separating laundry.

Step 02: Next, if you want to know how to wash polo shirts without ruining the collar, then our best advice is to unbutton all the buttons on the shirt, turn the garment inside out and then flip the collar up. This should help the collar to keep its shape during the washing and drying process. After drying (we recommend laying the shirt flat to dry), you can also iron the collar and the rest of the shirt to restore the shape.

Remember that we also have online assistants available during office hours who can help you out with choosing the right Persil® ProClean® product or dealing with stains or odors on your laundry.

Step 03:  Polo shirts are usually best washed at a low temperature, or even cold water is totally acceptable. Check the instructions on the care label for further information. If your polo shirt has shrunk in a previous wash, then it’s possible that the wash cycle temperature was too high, so look out for this before washing the garment. A liquid detergent such as Persil® Original Scent or even something new like our Original Scent Discs™ will both work great for your polo shirt.

How often should you wash polo shirts?

Simply wash whenever the shirt emits a noticeable body scent or has been hit by a stain. As long as you follow the above steps, then there’s no danger of ruining the polo shirt. It’s completely okay to hand-wash your polo shirt, but it’s not necessary, as modern washing machines are gentle enough on the fabric.

Discover more tips for removing stains

If you find yourself unsure what to do for certain types of stains, be it food, drinks, or even car oil, then Persil® will have the answers with our products and advice. Be sure to check our stain advisor section so that you’ve got the right knowledge for removing any stain that can arise during the week!

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