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Follow these steps for how to wash exercise clothes:

  1. Turn everything inside-out to keep colors looking fresh. A second reason for doing this is that most dirt and grime is on the inside of your workout clothes. This way there’s more chance of it being loosened and removed.
  2. Before washing, it helps to soak your sports gear in cold water with some Persil® ProClean® OdorFighter mixed in. The odor-eliminating technology gets rid of smells while at the same time removing tough stains.  
  3. What temperature to wash sports clothes? Cold water is best since hot water can break down the fabric and cause it to shrink.
  4. When it comes to drying your clothes, it’s best to avoid using the tumble dryer. As previously mentioned, heat can damage clothes. If you’re in a rush and don’t have any choice but to use the dryer, make sure you use the lowest heat setting possible.

Note: When preparing the washing machine, you might be tempted to use more detergent for a more thorough clean, but this is actually counterproductive since the washing machine is programmed to handle a specific amount. Any extra will just build up on your workout clothing and not let the fabric – and therefore your skin – breathe.

How to prevent your sports clothes from stinking in the first place

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. Now that you’ve learned how to wash smelly sports clothes, take a look at what you can do to minimize or thwart the smell in the first place.

  1. Let your exercise clothes dry before your throw them into the laundry basket. When sweaty clothes are bundled up together, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not ideal. Hang them up for a while first before banishing them to the hamper.
  2. Wash garments after every use because if you continue to wear those cycling shorts the whole week, odors will have the chance to accumulate and make themselves at home in the fibers, resulting in a more difficult removal later on.
  3. Follow the care instructions as they vary from garment to garment and the last thing you want is to ruin your new swimsuit. The manufacturers know best.
  4. Avoid using fabric softeners because they build up on the fabric and mess with the clothing’s moisture wicking properties, rendering them less effective when you sweat.

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