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Simple ways to remove campfire or cigarette smoke smell from clothes

Whether it’s a summer BBQ, camping trip with a bonfire, or a few cigarettes at a party, the smell of smoke can linger on our clothing far longer than we’d like! At first, it might seem impossible to get out that smoky odor from your clothing, but with the right tips and tricks from Persil® brand, you’ll learn how to remove smoke odor from clothes and get them smelling nice and fresh again.

Smoke often finds a way to cling to clothing, hair, and even our skin, but you don’t need to worry about the smell hanging around forever. It’s always best to get your clothes washed as soon as possible and they’ll be better than ever in no time at all. Read on to discover the best tips for getting rid of smoke from clothing.

How to get smoke odor out of clothes for good

First things first, it would be wise to let your smoky clothes air out, as you’d be surprised what a gentle breeze and sunshine can do for smoke-affected items. Ideally, this should be done outside on a clothesline, but even putting them on a clothes hanger or on the back of a chair and placing them near an open window overnight will help tremendously. To really remove smoke odor from clothes, however, you’re going to need a reliable liquid detergent and a washing machine to do the bulk of the work.

  • Load your washing machine as usual.
  • Choose a strong liquid detergent against bad smells, like Persil® ProClean® Odor Fighter, to really deal with heavy smoke odors.
  • FYI: Adding white vinegar or baking soda is sometimes mentioned as a helpful tip for how to get smoke odor out of clothes, but with the right liquid detergent, you won’t need anything else!
  • Wash the item on the highest heat setting according to the care instructions on the label.
  • After the wash has ended, smell the clothing to check if the smoke odor has gone. If not, wash again with the same liquid detergent.
  • Air-dry the items if possible, but don’t place in a dryer until you’re sure that the smoke smell has gone.

Removing smoke odors from delicate items

The process of washing delicate textiles will be slightly different, as items made from silk, leather, or wool, for example, will need to be hand-washed or sent to the drycleaner to get out the smoke smell. If the items are hand-wash only, then Persil® liquid detergent can still be used in cold water to remove smoke odor from clothes. The care label on the garment will state if it needs to be sent to a professional to be cleaned.

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