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Let’s get started! Step by step


Step 01: The earlier you get to work removing rust stains from clothes, the better your chances of getting them out completely. Ideally, the stain should first be treated with a suitable stain remover.

Step 02: After leaving the stain remover to soak in for the recommended time, wash the garment immediately. Be sure to select an appropriate detergent for your needs, such as Persil® Stain Fighter for extra stain removal power.

Step 03: Wash the garment at highest recommended temperature, as indicated by the laundry symbols on the care label.

Done! After washing, check whether the rust stain has been removed from the fabric. If it’s still visible, repeat the washing process or take the item of clothing to the dry cleaners.

Pro tip: Always test the stain remover you are using first to check the color fastness of the fabric. Ideally, do this on an inconspicuous part of your garment.

Top tips for removing rust stains from your clothes

A brief moment of distraction while pumping up your bicycle tire or checking the oil level can be enough to get an annoying rust stain on your favorite shirt. But don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ruined. The rust stain removal tips from Persil®  brandare more than likely to solve your problem. If you still have some questions after reading our guide, however, you can contact our experts using the Stain Advisor live chat.

Select detergent and stain remover

Your choice of detergent should normally be based according to the color of your stained clothes. Colored laundry, for example, needs an appropriate detergent to avoid fading. Fortunately though, Persil® detergents, such as ProClean® Original Scent are suitable for both white and colored laundry! This also applies to choosing a stain remover: Ensure it is suitable for the color of your clothing.

Pre-treat the rust stain

Despite wanting to remove the rust stain from your laundry as quickly as possible, it’s important to check that your clothing is colorfast first. Do this by applying a small amount of stain remover to an inconspicuous area of the garment. Once you’ve made sure the color does not run, spray some stain remover onto the stain and let it soak in for 30 minutes. Then, wash the garment.

You may need a special rust stain remover for especially large and stubborn stains, which you can find in some drugstores. However, be sure to read the instructions carefully before using these products and pay attention to the care instructions on your garment.

Wash out the stain

It’s best to double check the care label before putting it into the washing machine, so you can select the proper settings for your rust stained clothing. Wash the garment at the highest temperature recommended on the label, using an appropriate detergent (as discussed above).

Check the rust stain has been removed from the fabric

If the rust stain is still visible after the first wash, repeat the pre-treatment and washing process. Clothing with residual rust stains on them should not be put in the dryer, as this may cause it to set into the fabric. If this happens, it’s still fine as a work garment for bicycle repairs for example, but the aim of treating the stain is really to remove it without a trace!

Removing rust stains from special laundry and fabric types

You may be wondering how to remove rust stains from clothes that can’t be machine washed. In this case, the best method is to wash the garment by hand using a detergent appropriate for delicate fabrics.

How to remove rust stains from white clothing

Rust stains on white clothes are especially irritating. You may have to wash these fabrics several times in order to make the stain disappear. However, there’s a handy tip for saving water here: Repeatedly pre-treat the stain until it starts to fade, then wash the garment at the highest recommended temperature.

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