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How to Get Mustard Stains Out of Clothes, Step-by-step

Step 01: Using a clean cloth, dab as much sauce off your clothes as you can. Avoid rubbing the mustard stain – this can help it to set into the fabric.

Step 02: Rinse out the stain from the inside of the fabric using cold running water.

Step 03: Wash according to the instructions on the care label with an appropriate detergent for the color and fabric type of your clothing. Persil® ProClean® OXI Power and Stain Fighter are both great choices for mustard stains.

Mustard stain removal tips before washing

Time is not your friend when it comes to mustard stains, so act fast if you can. Even before washing there are things you can do to prevent a mustard stain from forming. You’ll have the best chance of removal of mustard stains if you treat the spot immediately. Make sure you blot the area, and do not rub it! Rubbing could cause the mustard to get in deeper to the fabric fibers, making it harder to treat. This blotting will also get rid of excess mustard stains on your shirt.

If you’re home, spot treat your mustard stain by pouring liquid laundry detergent onto the affected area. If you’ve not used this method before, use the detergent on an inconspicuous spot first. Make sure to get the detergent into the fibers, and then gently rub the mustard stain. Rinse the detergent off after ten minutes of soaking, but make sure you use cold water. A stain fighting detergent such as Persil® ProClean® Stain Fighter is advisable for tricky mustard stains.

How to remove mustard stains from clothes

There are a few ways to remove mustard stains. We’ll go through the best way to wash clothes with mustard stains.

If you’ve already pre-treated your clothing, use a powerful detergent such as the Stain Fighter liquid detergent, or alternatively use the Persil® Stain Fighter Discs™. These have useful pre-measured detergent already filled inside and simply have to be placed in the washing machine drum, along with your laundry.
After the cycle has ended, check the mustard stain again. See if it has completely gone before drying the item, as stains can set once dried. If the stain is still present, try the same tips as above and repeat the washing process.

For more stain removal tips, look at our page on other sauces in case you’re faced with lots of messy eaters (or are one yourself!).

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