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How to get stains out of your underwear – Step by step

Step 01: Put on a pair of gloves and prepare the garment by removing any solid parts of the stain from the fabric. You can dab off any excess liquid with a paper towel. Then turn the underwear inside out and rinse the back of the stain.

Step 02: Pre-treat the stained area with Persil® ProClean® Stain Fighter. Information on how long to soak the garment for can be found on the detergent packaging.

Step 03: Wash the clothes. The care label on the underwear will tell you which temperature you shouldn’t exceed. Follow the recommended dose for laundry that is "heavily soiled". This is printed on the detergent's packaging. Fine lace underwear is usually only suitable for hand washing so in this case it would be best to use a mild detergent.

Done! When the laundry cycle is over, check to see if the stain is still visible. If so, you should repeat steps 02 and 03.

Expert tip: Don't wait too long! Fresh stains on underwear are best removed by first rinsing them with cold water and then pre-treating and washing the fabric straightaway.

Various types of stains on underwear

Stains on underwear can have different causes, but none of them are very pleasant. For fresh bloodstains, pre-treatment with cold water will help for cleaning underwear stains - in most cases you will be able to rinse most of the stain out of your underwear. When it comes to feces or urine, it is advisable to use a special stain remover. Whether it’s blood, excrement, or urine, you should act as quickly as possible when you get stains in your underwear. The faster you take action, the greater the chance that you will get rid of the stain completely.

How to remove stains from underwear

Follow the steps below to clean underwear stains as effectively as possible:

Choose a detergent with stain remover

First, read the instructions on the care label sewn into your underwear. If the garment can be machine washed, it is best to use


Remove any solid matter from the underwear with a blunt knife or a spoon. If the stain is still wet, dab the soiled area with a paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then turn the underwear inside out and rinse with cold running water. Finally, apply a stain remover to the stain and leave it for about 10 minutes so that the detergent has time to penetrate the fibers and can combat unpleasant odors as well as the stain itself.

Washing and rinsing

To remove blood, urine, or stool from your underwear, wash the underwear at the recommended washing temperature that the fabric allows, which will be stated on the care label. Ensure the detergent is right for the color and fabric type of your underwear.

Check whether the stain is still visible

Always check that the stain has completely disappeared before drying your laundry. If it is still visible, it is advisable to soak the underwear in Persil® ProClean® detergent with stain remover and warm water for half an hour. Then repeat the wash cycle. If stain residue is still visible, do not let your underwear dry before washing again, as this could cause the stain to stick more to the fabric and be even harder to get out.

Removing stains on cotton underwear

In most cases, you can permanently remove stains on underwear using the method described above. Cotton is considered to be a particularly easy-to-clean material that can withstand hot washes – unlike many synthetic fabrics such as microfiber. However, be careful not to use bleach when washing colored underwear otherwise the garment could end up with a blotchy pattern. Our chat feature can give you additional helpful tips.

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