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Let’s begin - step by step


Step 1: Take care of the stain quickly to prevent it from drying into the fabric. Carefully remove as much of the stain as possible. When it comes to stubborn stains, you should opt for a suitable stain remover for pre-treatment.

Step 2: After the stain remover has had time to work its magic, now comes the main wash. Choose the right products for the best result. For example, Persil® 2in1 Capsules are suitable for white and colored items, while delicate items such as viscose or wool require a mild detergent.

Step 3: Wash the garment in the machine. The maximum recommended temperature can be found on the washing instructions on the garment’s care label.

Done! Check that the stain has completely disappeared. If not, repeat the washing cycle.

Expert tip: Check that the clothing is colorfast if you plan to pre-treat colored fabrics with a stain remover.

Removing stains - advice

One careless moment is all it takes to send red wine sloshing over the glass rim and landing right on your favorite jeans. Spaghetti Bolognese also has a habit of deciding to take a detour on its way from your plate to your mouth, onto your white t-shirt! Buying new clothes isn’t an ideal option – especially if it’s your favorite item of clothing that’s practically irreplaceable. Therefore, it’s important to not give up too quickly when it comes to stain removal! There are always new tips for banishing stains and innovative products that make it even easier for you to remove dirt and stains from your family’s clothing and other household textiles.

Removing stains - general tips to get started

Not all stains are the same. Depending on how dirty the garment is, a special treatment may be necessary. Stains containing protein, such as grass, are different from stains caused by oily salad dressing or pink lipstick and therefore can’t be removed from clothes in the same way. The same applies to the type of fabric: Removing stains from cotton is usually less complicated than from silk or linen because the fibers are more resistant.

Removing stains - step by step

There are numerous remedies and tips for removing stains - from household remedies and curd soap to special stain removers. In order to remove an annoying stain from a garment or other textile, you should stick to tried and tested methods.

Act fast

Did your daughter stain her favorite white skirt with tomato sauce at dinner? Unfortunately, simply changing her outfit waiting to treat the stain until the next laundry day will cause more issues down the line. This is because the longer the stain remains on the fabric, the deeper it settles into the fibers. It’s inconvenient to have to take care of it during a meal, but if you treat the stain promptly, your chances of saving the beloved garment will improve.

Pre-treat the stain

Stained clothing can always be pre-treated if it cannot be washed immediately. Choose the right detergent and a suitable stain remover: For oily stains, Persil® Liquid Laundry Detergent is what we would recommend. First, test the appropriate stain remover carefully on the inside of the garment to prevent damage to fibers or the color. Then follow the instructions on how to use the stain remover.

Off to the washing machine

After the pre-treatment is done, it’s time for the washing machine. Use Persil® Power-Liquid® Stain Fighter or Persil® Power-Caps® 2in1 Stain Fighter, which both use Pro-Lift technology to fight stains. Even if the stain is proving stubborn, don’t set your machine at a higher temperature than what’s indicated on the care label – otherwise you risk shrinking your clothing.

A final inspection

After the washing cycle has ended, check straight away to see if you’ve been successful in removing the stain from the garment. If not, you should repeat the process. If the fabric is white and isn’t completely clean even after several treatments, you can use a bleaching agent. This will help the garment to shine on for many days to come.

Cleaning stains: Tips for every type of stain

When it comes to sauce stains, you’re probably a pro thanks to your children’s many food-based mishaps, but what happens when you're faced with a more unusual stain dilemma? Whether ballpoint pen or ink, mascara, nail varnish or wax: In our stain advisor you will find extensive and valuable tips on how to remove practically any stain imaginable so your family’s clothes, as well as other textiles, can remain immaculate for as long as possible.

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