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Here’s how to remove urine stains


Step 01: Decide on a detergent and stain remover suitable for the color and fabric of your clothing.

Step 02: Apply the stain remover to the affected areas and leave it to work for a few minutes. You’ll find the recommended soaking time on the stain remover's packaging.

Step 03: Wash your clothes at the warmest temperature that is suitable for your clothing. Check the care label to see what the highest temperature allowed is.

Done! After washing, check that the urine stain is gone. If not, wash the clothes again before hanging them out to dry. Once the laundry is dry, it is much harder to remove the remains of any kinds of stains – although not impossible. Read on for more tips!

Top tip from our pros: Soak the clothes in hot water for some time before washing - this softens the stains a little.

Detailed tips on urine stains removal

Urine stains can happen on any textile – urine stains on clothes or urine stains on bed sheets are the most common You might be worried about a urine smell lingering (caused by ammonia), but it is simple to get out the smell. If you follow the steps below, removing a urine smell from laundry is easy!

Choose a detergent and a stain remover

Use a stain remover that is suitable for both the type of fabric and the color of the garment. If you are unsure whether the material of your clothing is compatible with the stain remover, test the product on a discreet spot first to avoid causing further stains! Detergents and stain removers that are tough on tricky stains are ideal, such as the Persil® ProClean® Stain Fighter detergents.


For an especially deep clean, you could also look to the Persil® ProClean® OXIPower range.

Pretreating urine stains

To remove urine stains on clothes effectively, first moisten the stain with a little water and then apply your stain remover. Rub the stain remover (or alternatively a little high quality liquid detergent) into the fabric. Allow it to soak in for a while – check the packaging for how long is best. Then rinse the stain remover out of your clothes. If the stain is especially wide spread, such as with urine stains on bed sheets, the urine stains removal process will be easier if you soak the whole sheet in warm water for a while first (in the bath, for example).

Wash and rinse

Wash the clothes at the warmest temperature possible for your garment according to the care label. Use your preferred detergent. The dosage should be for “heavily soiled” laundry, as indicated on the detergent packaging.

Check the stain

After washing, take a good look at your clothes and check whether there are any urine stains left. If there are, soak the fabric in a mixture of water and your preferred Persil® ProClean® detergent, and repeat the stain removal process.

How to remove old urine stains in clothing

Older stains can be harder to wash out, but if you’ve spotted a stain on your baby’s romper, or something similar, it isn’t too late to get the garment looking fresh and new. You can use the same process as described above, but it is a good idea to soak your clothing in a mix of warm water and a bit of detergent. Then pre-treat the clothes with a stain remover – it’s fine if the fabric is still a bit damp. This way, you’ll also be removing urine smells from laundry, too!

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