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Baby clothes are delicate, washable and oh so cute! These miniature outfits are designed with agility in mind. Between baby spit up, grass stains, and spilled baby food, your baby’s clothes will likely collect stains regularly. But, with the right cleaning and washing routine, you can keep your baby’s clothes looking and smelling fresh all year round.

How To Clean Baby Clothes

  1. Cleanse your hands with a quality soap, such as Dial, or an antibacterial hand sanitizer before handling your baby’s clothes.
  2. Read the washing instructions on the label of your baby clothes. To maximize the life of the garment, you’ll want to follow these instructions carefully, so pay attention to the wash temperature and drying instructions.
  3. Wash your baby’s clothes in their own load.
  4. Select a gentle laundry detergent with stain-fighting power. We recommend Persil® ProClean® Sensitive Skin liquid detergent, which is formulated without dyes and fragrance. Our formula is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested.
  5. Follow the washing instructions on your baby’s garments. Select a washing cycle based on these care instructions.

TIP: It’s a great idea to wash your baby’s clothes before their first wear. This will allow you to feel confident knowing your baby’s outfit is clean and stain-free.

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