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How often to wash mattress covers

Since it doesn’t come into direct contact with your body, mattress covers don’t need to be washed as often as bed sheets, which are the first line of protection from sweat and stains. However, it’s still a good idea to wash your mattress cover several times a year, and wash your sheets a couple of times a week.

Can you wash a mattress cover?

Mattress covers come in different forms such as mattress protectors, padded toppers, and removable versions. They are sometimes made from different materials, but most can be machine washed without any issues. You should normally even be able to wash puffy mattress covers in the washing machine. However, look at the laundry care label on the cover or the packaging to double check it’s machine-washable before proceeding with our advice below!

Washing mattress covers 101

So, you’ve made sure your mattress cover is machine-washable, but before you sling it in the washing machine there are several key points you should follow. Here’s how to wash mattress covers properly.

  •  Spot clean stains before washing: Pre-treat any significant stains using Persil® ProClean® Stain Fighter before throwing your mattress cover in the machine. Simply work a little of the liquid detergent into the stain and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use a front-loading washing machine if possible: The central agitator in a top loader could tear the material of some mattress covers.
  • Use a gentle cycle: Read our guide on choosing the correct washing cycle for more details.
  • Wash in cold/lukewarm water: Hot water can cause damage by deforming any plastic in the mattress cover and weaken the waterproofing. It may be tempting to wash on hot because one often associates a hot wash with being more hygienic, but all Persil® ProClean® detergents clean effectively in cold water too, so be on the safe side!
  • Use an appropriate detergent: Persil® ProClean® detergents are tough on stains, while helping care for fibers to ensure your mattress cover remains in top condition. For extra convenience, why not try out the OXI Power Discs.

How to dry your mattress cover

When drying any laundry item, it’s a good idea to remind yourself of what water temperature you used to wash the item. As a rule of thumb, if you washed at a low temperature, the laundry item will also require low-heat tumble-drying. Mattress covers are no exception!

After washing the mattress cover, put it in the tumble dryer on a low heat setting. Remember, high heat can damage it. Alternatively, you could dry it the old-fashioned way on a clothesline.

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