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Rinse stain in cold water for 10 minutes. Pretreat the stain directly with Persil® ProClean® liquid detergent, then launder with Persil® detergent and wash in cold water. For heavy stains try Persil® Stain Fighter with extra stain fighting for those tough stains. Learn more about how to remove blood stains from our in-depth article.


Perfecting your look may come with a bit of trial and error. So when your make-up mishaps end up on towels or attire, use Persil® to help fight back. Remove non-oily make up stains, like eye shadow and blush, by lightly brushing the powder off of the clothing. Next blot the spot with a damp cloth or a baby wipe. Rinse in cool water and pretreat (if needed) and wash with Persil® detergent. For oily makeup stains, lightly blot until the stain is removed. Pretreat with Persil® ProClean® and launder as usual after the stain is removed. DO NOT DRY until the stain is out. Drying will set the stain. For any shades of lipstick that make it onto your clothing, follow these tips for help getting out that stain: Place stain face down on clean paper towels. Sponge area with a small amount of detergent. Replace towels frequently. Then rub Persil® ProClean® detergent into stain until outline of the stain is removed; launder as usual. If stain remains, repeat process. For the toughest cosmetic stains, read our complete guide on how to remove makeup stains.


Presoak with Persil® detergent and launder as usual. For extra tough stains, learn more about how to remove deodorant stains from our in-depth article.

Face Paint

Face painting fun can cause some colorful stains. To help manage the mess, use Persil®. Run warm water through the back side of the stain. Apply Persil® ProClean® Liquid detergent to the front of the stain and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Then launder with the warmest water recommended on the garment label. Evaluate the stained area before placing the article in the dryer. Repeat pretreating if there is a residual stain. For more tips, discover our complete guide on removing face paint from fabrics.

Nail Polish

Before attempting to remove nail with remover, you should test the garment in an inconspicuous spot to ensure no damage will be caused. Place stain face down on paper towels and blot with nail polish remover. Replace paper towels regularly. Repeat until stain disappears, then rinse and launder with Persil® detergent.

Dirty Socks

Remove any loose particles. Soak stain in cold water for 10 minutes with Persil® detergent. Launder with Persil® detergent.


While you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen, let Persil® protect your clothes. Go on, lather on that SPF. For sunscreen stains, pretreat with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Then, pretreat with Persil® ProClean® detergent and launder in the warmest water recommended on the garment. Check after washing for any traces of stain. Repeat if necessary.


Pretreat with Persil® ProClean® liquid detergent, then launder in the hottest water recommended by the garment.