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Interesting Facts

Polymers in detergent have various important functions and often make the special effect of a detergent possible.

More on Persil Polymers

The most commonly used polymers in the Persil formulas are:

Anti-Redeposition Agents
Help keeping dissolved soil stable in the wash water, preventing its re-deposition on textiles. They also help ensuring anti-greying.

Help maintain the rise of foam to avoid high foaming or water spilling from the washing machine, if an excessive dosage of detergent is used.

Dye Transfer Inhibitors
Prevents dye re-deposition and color staining on fabrics in the wash. They are a typical component of any effective color detergent.

Performance Polymers
In addition to surfactants, some Persil products contain polymers for special performance purposes, e.g. deeper stain removal or better shine.

Soil Release Polymers
Absorb on fibers during washing and build a protective layer. In case of new soiling with oily stains, the removal of stain is strongly improved.

Viscosity Agents
Control the viscosity of Persil detergent.

How do we use polymers?

Persil uses different polymers to achieve different product properties. They help prevent, for example, the re-deposition of dirt on the fibers, ink transfer or even the deeper penetration of dirt. Many polymers are readily biodegradable, but unfortunately some are not. As our product development is constantly striving to improve our formulas and their environmental footprint, we are working to replace polymers with more biodegradable ones where these can provide similar performance.

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