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Interesting Facts

Surfactants are the main components of most detergents and cleaning agents. They remove stains and dirt from clothes.

More on Persil surfactants

Two groups of surfactants are used in Persil brand products:

Anionic surfactants
Effective at cleaning oily soil and oil/clay soil contaminations

Nonionic surfactants
Excellent in removing tough grease stains

How do we use surfactants?

For cleanliness, Persil detergent uses surfactants in our formulas to ensure the a deep clean you can trust. All our surfactants are fully biodegradable. Surfactants can be petroleum-based or of natural origin (e.g. palm kernel oil). When palm kernel oil is used as a base, Henkel ensures as part of its sustainability strategy that 100 percent of this oil comes from sustainable cultivated sources in line with the RSPO’S Mass Balance model by 2025. Since 2020, 90 percent of it has already come from certified sustainable cultivation.“

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