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How to dose correctly

Water hardness, detergent dosage and washing machine – what is important? To dose the right amount of detergents you should consider a few aspects: how hard is the water used in the washing cycle, how much laundry you are washing and how dirt it is.

The following tips should help you dosing your detergent correctly to the benefit of the environment.

Check the size of your machine

The dosing amounts on our packaging are based on a typical load of 6lbs. If you have a machine with a larger drum you will also find specific dosing amounts for larger loads on every Persil product.

Making our world cleaner

  • Calculate your Environmental Footprint

    Calculate your Environmental Footprint

    The first step to reducing your environmental footprint is understanding what impact you currently have. Check out our calculator here.

  • Henkel Responsibility

    Henkel Responsibility

    As a pioneer in sustainability, we continue to look for ways to grow our business in an increasingly sustainable way. We look at each part of our business from our ingredients to our packaging components to the way our products are delivered to customers.